Gavin Friday 'Able' by Kevin Godley

A visual representation of the artist's struggle with an inner demon, Kevin Godley's video for his old pal Gavin Friday conjures something powerful from one minimal, intimate setup.

David Knight - 29th July 2011


Nathalie Canguilhem joins HSI London

Her work also includes the video for Charlotte Gainsbourg's The Songs That We Sing (right) and has also directed a new Gainsbourg video, out soon. Nathalie is also working on two photography books …

David Knight - 26th July 2011


Is Tropical 'The Greeks' by Megaforce

Megaforce's video for Is Tropical's The Greeks starts with what seems a harmless bunch of kids playing with toy guns, but soon becomes an ultraviolent bloody nightmare (courtesy of the …

Jimmy Brown - 1st June 2011


David Lynch's Good Day Today by Arnold de Parscau

Almost 450 videos were entered into the competition organised a few months back on to create the official music videos for David Lynch venture into music, with the 'double-A side' single …

David Knight - 16th May 2011

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The Promonews Roundup


Gastmans’ Eyes So Dry by Jesús Hernández

A comic-surreal vision of corporate hell, featuring a terrifying boss, his impish PA, four fixed-grinning employees - and Gastmans, the supercool Spain-based Belgian singer who's not playing the game.

David Knight - 15th Apr 2011


Orelha Negra's M.I.R.I.A.M. by Vhils

Awesome video for Portuguese experimental hip-hop outfit Orelha Negra by world-class street artist Alexandre Farto - aka Vhils. Vhils began his career by peeling paper off billboards and street …

David Knight - 11th Mar 2011


Radiohead’s Lotus Flower by Garth Jennings

See Thom Yorke transform into the 'King Of Limbs' (the title of their new album) with a helping hand from choreographer Wayne McGregor in this very tasty Garth Jennings promo for new single Lotus …

Jimmy Brown - 18th Feb 2011

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