The Tide 'Put The Cuffs On Me' by Mike Baldwin

The Tide 'Put The Cuffs On Me' by Mike Baldwin

Boybands just can't get a moment's peace these days can they?

Mike Baldwin's clip for The Tide certainly compounds that theory. The band, innocently performing to an empty warehouse, start to notice fans peering round corners at them (a site to which they look suitably weirded-out). Before long though, they realise that they should probably embrace such adoration, and thus the whole thing turns into a lovely party! A fun performance video with a few pretty cool tricks from the drummer thrown in for good measure.


Mike Baldwin
Ben Mealing
Executive Producer
Chloe Page
Production Manager
Joshua Spear
1st AD
Ben Burton
Director of Photography
Arthur Mulghern
Focus Puller
Kate Eccarius
2nd AC
Haylay Dickinson
Rik Burnell
Art Director
Allegra Fitzherbert
Director's Representation
Chloe Page @ Lock It In

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