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Girl Ray 'Where Am I Now' by Rita Conry

Here's another great little video for North London indie group Girl Ray.

It's a pared-down, split-screen, black and white clip that sees bandmates playing the dreamy tune Where Am I Now under rays of sun, with nicely composed interplay between their a performance and a more introspective vision where their faces are reflected in mirrors.

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Sean Paul ft Dua Lipa 'No Lie' by Tim Nackashi

Fresh from chart-topping with Sia on Cheap Thrills, reggae stalwart Sean Paul teams with the super-hot Dua Lipa on No Lie, and turns to Tim Nackashi to direct the video that features a creative use of mirrors in several West London high rises.

Sometimes its hard to tell what's real and what's reflected, but don't let that spoil your enjoyment of this soon-to-be-huge party banger.

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Delorean 'Epic' by Joan Guasch

Joan Guasch's adds art to nature in his latest video for Delorean.

Firstly he spent a week in Iceland shooting the country's forbidding, breathtaking landscapes. Then he returned to his studio in Barcelona to enhance them, with a range of abstract sculptural forms in 3D that emerge from and merge with those extreme environments. 

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Migos 'T-Shirt' by DAPS, Quavo

Their song Bad And Boujee was namechecked by Donald Glover at The Golden Globes a few days ago, as he collected his award for Best TV Series - Comedy or Musical for his show Atlanta, as the "best song ever". Now Atlanta's own Migos are feeding anticipation for the new album Culture, with three new videos – including this one directed by DAPS and bandmember Quavo for T-Shirt.

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I Am Niamh 'Bellend' by Aidan Duffy

Aidan Duffy's enigmatic video for Bellend, set in gorgeous VFX-enhanced Irish countryside, is the fifth and final single from i am niamh's debut album Wonderland - selected for The Irish Times' Songs of the Week in December 2016.

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