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Passenger 'Somebody's Love' by James Lees

James Lees has directed this simple yet powerful video for English singer-songwriter Passenger, aka Michael David Rosenberg, shot by DP Benjamin Loeb in Iceland. And ironically it's the viewer who is the passenger, being taken by the artist along on a solitary row-boat ride, where leisurely cross-fades meld one image into the next.

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Youthonix 'Moments' by Brainwash

Brainwash (that's Ryan Vernava and Liam Achaibou) bend 70s dance footage into a mind-melting crescendo of colour and movement in their latest promo for Youthonix's Moments. 

Using analogue techniques to create distortions and manipulations, Brainwash deliver a synchronised megamix of dance moves, infused with their distinct lo-fi texture.

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Adele and Beyoncé dominate 2016 MTV Video Music Awards nominations

Adele and Beyoncé are the leading artists in terms of nominations at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. Both artists feature strongly in both the artist and professional categories, with Adele's Hello video, directed by Xavier Dolan, with the most nominations of all – seven, including Video of the Year and Best Direction. 

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