Small Black 'Between Leos' by Jeremy S. Collins

Small Black 'Between Leos' by Jeremy S. Collins

Jeremy S. Collins' video for Small Black gets you lost in a pretend world of sound within a pretend world of visuals.

Following two Foley artists as they work on a film, the clip expertly marries the sounds of the track with obscure visual representations in such a way as to trick your brain into believing them entirely plausible. The narrative surrounding the characters outside of that foley room begins to descend into strange madness, all whilst the artists are focussed on their soundtrack.


Jeremy S. Collins
Michael Ficara
Dan Hourihan
Production Company
Slow Burn
Production Company
Ellipsis Entertainment
Production Manager
Terri Stevens
1st AD
Michael Ficara
Director of Photography
Ben Heald
Focus Puller
Samuel Lusted, Ben Bagley
Dan Hourihan
Art Director
Jynnifer Macomber
Seraphina Caligiure
Chris Liquori
Production Assistants
Wes Cannon, Jen Pappas

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