Creeper 'Misery' by Jamie Carter

Creeper 'Misery' by Jamie Carter
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After Hiding With Boys and Black Rain, Jamie Carter completes his trilogy of videos for acclaimed Southampton punk-metal band Creeper with Misery.

It's the third day with James Scythe, a middle aged man who we meet in the Hiding With Boys video, troubled by demonic visions, who looks for redemption in part two, and finally here, will arrive at his final reckoning. His journey to the top of a Southampton multi-storey car park takes him past the bandmembers who are narrating his imminent demise.

From the director


“Misery is the final chapter in the story of James Scythe, told through our trilogy of videos. With the emotive nature of the song, I wanted to single out Will’s vocal delivery to add emotional power to the visuals. The whole video is a build, much like the song is, to the dramatic ending where we see James atop a roof, facing his past, his present and his future.

"Myself and the band purposefully created an open-ending, an homage to those films that leave you asking questions. Again, thanks to the whole crew and cast for their outstanding work on this whole trilogy.”


Jamie Carter
Rohan Scully
Director of Photography
Paul Mackay
Executive Producer
William Nichols
Production Company
The Firepit
Warner Bros

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