Run The Jewels 'Legend Has It' by Brian Beletic

Run The Jewels 'Legend Has It' by Brian Beletic

Run The Jewels take on the law in this psychedelic, politically-minded video from Brian Beletic.

Never strangers from social or political commentary, Run The Jewels take a stab at police corruption with this line-up scenario that seems destined to pin the crime on them. We watch on as police manipulate the situation so that the witness has no choice but to lay the blame squarely on the duo. The walls melt in around them as the police try various hilarious and ridiculous tactics to frame them, although that's possibly something to do with the tab of acid they drop at the start of the video.

The video makes a serious statement whilst not taking itself too seriously, and that tactic manages to keep any heavy-handed political statement feeling charming and fresh. Plus the VFX work to make a room full of Killer Mike and El-P clones is a treat.


Brian Beletic
Terry Gallagher
Dennis Beier
Production Company
Director of Photography
Ryley Brown
Sam Ostrove
Executive Producer
Drew Santarsiero

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