Sarah Walk 'Still Frames' by Stefanie Kolk

Sarah Walk 'Still Frames' by Stefanie Kolk

Stefanie Kolk presents a touching clip for Sarah Walk's Still Frames.

It tells the story of a gay couple, beginning on the final day of their relationship and tracing backwards. Through different eras we see them meet, fall in love and eventually move apart. As they pack up their lives together they're reminded of the times they shared.

Knowing from the start how it all ends makes every moment of love bittersweet, but the range of emotions that Kolk manages to convey with her actors in three minutes is impressive.


Stefanie Kolk
Delwyn Mooney
Production Company
CardelCardel website
1st AD
Bo Van Der Meer
Director of Photography
Roy Van Egmond
Focus Puller
Henry Vrijsen
2nd AC
Jaap Mar Diemel, Jeroen Klokgieters
Erwin Smit, Jeroen Zwart
Art Director
Geertje Mirjam Smit
Mijs De Wit
Erik Van Kempen
Erik Van Kempen
Maarten Ernest
Qianwei Tong
Grading company
Captcha Amsterdam
Jan Van Galen, Hans Man In't Veld, Jelle Visser, Gregory Samson
Director's Representation
CardelCardel website
Faye Purcell
One Little Indian
Line Producer
Roderik Dekker
Assistant Line Producer
Hester Breunissent
Best Boy
Paul Van Vegchel
Best Boy
Tom Enzler
Lighting Assistant
Leira Van Kassel
Lighting Assistant
Akelei Van Dam
Assistant Production Designer
Merle Keessen
Camera Rental
HetRaam Amsterdam
Casting Agency
Lighting Co.
Singel Film

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