Hasse De Moor & GLD 'Work' by Balázs Simon

Hasse De Moor & GLD 'Work' by Balázs Simon

Hordes of people team up to dance together for a greater good in Balázs Simon's music video for Hasse de Moor and GLD.

The monochromatic CGI video is a masterclass in finding beauty in the oddly grotesque. Strange, hairless figures that can't quite stand up straight twitch and undulate in a peculiar fashion before joining together in a wave of shape and order, creating, of all things, a pair of sandals for a much larger figure to wear. Things get messy, but in a black-ink-on-water kind of way, which is never not pretty.

It's splendidly bizarre in the manner of Shy Luv's Shock Horror, and De Staat's Witch Doctor - and a long way from the beautiful 2D animation for Nils Frahm's Re that the Hungarian director made a couple of years ago.


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