Arcane Roots 'Curtains' by Miguel Santana

Arcane Roots 'Curtains' by Miguel Santana

Beams of light rise up from the earth and cut incredible shapes through epic scenery in Miguel Santana's monumental clip for Arcane Roots.

Having worked at Industrial Light and Magic, Miguel Santana is no stranger to great VFX, and his experience and skills show up here in the form of beams of light that are so minimal in their design, yet so aesthetically pleasing that they almost don't seem out of place. The exquisite visuals here cut between urban and rural environments, each one seeming both familiar and somehow alien.

It's visually stunning, and is completely in keeping with a track that just gets bigger and bigger. 



Miguel SantanaMiguel Santana website
Miguel Santana
Director of Photography
Miguel Santana
Focus Puller
Olly Jelley
Duncan Rice
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana
Director's Representation
Currently Unsigned
Production Assistance
Sophia Groves, Carla Mundy

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