Nina Nesbitt 'Chewing Gum' by David Higgs

Nina Nesbitt 'Chewing Gum' by David Higgs
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Nina Nesbitt muses about the transient nature of modern relationships in Chewing Gum, with a dynamic and sexy video directed by David Higgs. 

In it, we follow a chain reaction of hookups, watching people drift swiftly from one relationship to the next in the span of a few seconds, getting thrown into one steamy affair and on to the next. Staying true to the lyric 'how come you still think that you're the one / baby I'm just chewing gum until the flavour's gone' we end on a steamy shower scene with Nina, before the wall behind her is pulled away and she runs to the getaway car with her next lover at the wheel. 

From the director


"I was very happy to win this pitch and it was quite a tough one to piece together. I'm still not sure how we managed to pull it off and shoot it in a day but somehow we did, all thanks to a fantastic crew who really went the extra mile this time.

"Huge thanks to Arthur Mulhern and his team, Luke Goodrich, Alasdair Mitchell and all of rumble, Oisin O'Driscoll and The Mill for their lovely grade, and especially the art-director and magician that is Luke Morris-Moran and his crew, who did what Jesus managed to do with a fish once. Very much appreciated, everyone."


David Higgs
Alasdair Mitchell
Production Company
Executive Producer
Stephanie Paeplow
1st AD
Luke Goodrich
Director of Photography
Arthur Mulhern
Focus Puller
Beau Scott
Killian Drury
Art Director
Luke Moran-Morris
Oisín O’Driscoll
Grading company
The Mill
Stefano Pasotti
Natalia Maus
Island Records
Andrew Fletcher
Oscar Oldenshaw
Vincent Edwards
Set Builder
Dexter Turner-Ramsey
Assistant Set Builder
Chris O’Driscoll
Set Dresser
Laura Castelano
Assistant Set Dresser
Saskara Dawson-Marsh
Wardrobe Supervisor
Variety May Lane
Cast Hair & Makeup Artist
Hannah Williams
Nina Nesbitt Stylist
Zoe Graham
Nina Nesbitt Makeup Artist
Amy Brandon
Nina Nesbitt Hairdresser
Dave Noble
Movement Coach
Natricia Bernard
James Budd

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