Loop 'Halo' by Ben Unwin

Director and editor Ben Unwin returns to music videos with a real eye-bleeder for Robert Hampson's cult psych-rock outfit Loop...

David Knight - 1 month ago


DJ Durbin 'Grotchz' by Peter Haueis

Peter Haueis celebrates the early days of rave culture in a way that resonates with current times in the nostalgic promo for DJ Durbin. 

Rob Ulitski - 2 months ago


Alewya 'Spirit_X' by Simon Lane

Alewya leads a pulsating underground rave in Simon Lane's atmospheric performance vid for the singer-songwriter's Spirit_X.

Promonews - 6 months ago

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The Promonews Roundup


MOTi ft. Nabiha 'Turn Me Up' by Cry\\Wolf

The underground rave scene is dead in Cry\\Wolf's action video for Turn Me Up - until undercover producer MOTi brings the party via high-powered boomboxes. 

Cat Velez - 6th July 2016

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