Eden 'Crash' by Zhang + Knight

The second of three videos that Zhang + Knight have done for Irish singer-songwriter Eden is, like it's predecessor for Gold, a sort of surreal portrait.

David Knight - 19th Dec 2017

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The Promonews Roundup


Billie Marten 'Lionhearted' by Allie Avital

Billie Marten's very delicate Lionhearted gets a counterintuitive, even ironic treatment by Allie Avital. As the slow-moving camera making its way towards Billie, the contents of …

David Knight - 23rd Aug 2016


Birdy 'Words' by BISON

Birdy's haunting ballad Words is destined to be one of her most successful songs, and the video directed by Dave Bullivant aka BISON gives her a suitably ghostly presence, shrouded in smoke in …

David Knight - 21st June 2016


Billie Marten 'Milk & Honey' by Rob Brandon

Billie Marten goes Japanese, demurely observing a Samurai warrior in a delightful apple and cherry blossom-filled garden, and trying a spot of karate, in Rob Brandon's video for Milk & …

David Knight - 23rd May 2016


Rukhsana Merrise 'Mon£y' by Matthew Hopper

Following the money has been the subject of TV shows and documentaries, and now it's the theme of the absorbing video for South London singer Rukhsana Merrise's Mon£y. 

David Knight - 28th Apr 2016


Lewis Watson 'Maybe We're Home' by Raja Virdi

Here's a nicely shot performance video for English singer-songwriter Lewis Watson directed by Raja Virdi, featuring the artist and his band in a large daylit warehouse …

Cat Velez - 10th Feb 2016


Raleigh Ritchie 'Never Better' by Casper Kelly

Raleigh Ritchie has kept up his stream of entertaining and emotionally resonant videos with this new one for Never Better directed by Casper Kelly (of Too Many Cooks fame), …

Cat Velez - 25th Jan 2016

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