Sigrid 'Burning Bridges' by Sophia Ray

Sophia Ray has directed the music video for Sigrid’s Burning Bridges, in which the Norwegian pop star takes extraordinary steps to break out of the twilight zone of a failed relationship.

Promonews - 21 days ago


Salvatore Ganacci ‘Fight Dirty’

After the priceless deadpan surrealism of his videos by Vedran Rupic, a dramatic yet equally mind-boggling change of direction into Japanese anime for Salvatore Ganacci.

David Knight - 1 month ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Dead Nature 'Watch Me Break Apart' by Dreamjob

Directing duo Dreamjob - that's Jack Whiteley and Joe Willis - present an excellent cinematic comedy for Dead Nature, the new band of former Spring King singer/drummer Tarek Musa.

David Knight - 2 months ago

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