David Bowie 'Fashion' by David Mallet

Our tribute to David Bowie's contribution to music videos earlier this week featured ten videos that spanned his career, and contained several of Bowie's collaborations with …

David Knight - 15th Jan 2016


Rumer’s Slow by Ian Bonhote

Ian Bonhote's intimate promo for new Atlantic signing Rumer is a combination of a live recording and footage shot during a studio session. The old 16mm look reminiscent of 70's music photography is …

Jimmy Brown - 9th Sept 2010


Lauren Pritchard's Painkillers by Hope Audikana

Hope Audikana serve up this luxurious, well-shot and adult-orientated treatment for Lauren Pritchard's Painkillers, with the story of a robbery partially revealed in reverse to accompany her …

Jimmy Brown - 2nd July 2010


Robyn’s Dancing On My Own by Max Vitali

Robyn serves up another decent slice of her particular brand of plaintive synthpop with Dancing On My Own. Max Vitali executes a suitably sympathetic half performance/half club scenario promo to …

Jimmy Brown - 17th June 2010


Promo News' pick of 09 (a few more)

I think this will have to do for 09. But this little lot, together with the unfeasible number of vids I felt compelled to include over the past few days in our Pick of Promo News for 2009 (really …

David Knight - 24th Dec 2009

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The Promonews Roundup


Promo News's pick of 2009 (part deux)

More good stuff from the year, with more videos being added over the next couple of hours, in between regular mince pie and mulled wine breaks, and looking out for the postie who hasn't delivered …

David Knight - 22nd Dec 2009


Promo News's pick of 2009 (pt. 1)

Welcome to Promo News's pick of the year - at the moment, a sort of ongoing work in progress, starting from the beginning of the year. It's bleedin' obvious, but you can click the titles to get the …

David Knight - 21st Dec 2009


Video Mixtape by Phil Sansom

Phil Sansom, one half of the directing duo Diamond Dogs (with Olly Williams) behind excellent videos for The Hoosiers, Sonny J, The Cribs, Maximo Park and many more - and demon drummer in Eighties …

Phil Sansom - 20th Feb 2009


Oliver Sudden's Urban Playlist

Wot do you call it Urban Well, yes, let's go for Urban. I wanted to research this and get it right. So I consulted MOBO for the definitive answer "black music born out of adversity that has evolved …

Oliver Sudden - 17th July 2008

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