One Acen 'Nigeria' by Shan Phearon

Shan Phearon follows his impressive brace of videos for Ocean Wisdom with this slick and fast-moving visual for London Afrobeat star and rapper One Acen.

David Knight - 9 months ago


Joeboy 'Beginning' by Mollana Burke

Mollana Burke's video for Nigerian artist Joeboy is a coming-of-age love story between a young couple blissfully living in this tropical-esque haven.

Promonews - 5th Sept 2019


Benjiflow 'Can't Lose' by Benedict Cohen

Benedict Cohen decontructs the music video-making process in his new video for BenjiFlow - with Benji taking on numerous important roles with the help of some canny VFX work.

Promonews - 30th May 2019

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The Promonews Roundup


Not3s 'Wanting' by Anders Malmberg

British Afro-swing artist Not3s turns on the charm in this romantic ode to a partner, accompanied by a stylish video directed by Anders Malmberg.

Promonews - 30th Apr 2019


Fuse ODG 'Only' by Craig Moore

Fuse ODG's video for his new single Only, directed by Craig Moore, had him go out to Johannesburg to capture some colourful African vibes in the heart of the …

Cat Velez - 16th July 2015

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