Rob Ulitski - 16th Dec 2021

Cody Lee Brown directs a wonderfully eccentric promo for Tik-Tok sensations Hot Freaks. 

The story behind the track and video is an amazing one - Hot Freaks were a locally popular Minneapolis indie-pop band, who broke up amicably in 2015. After recently going viral on Tik-Tok with this hit (which was originally released in 2013), they scrambled to get back together. Having received a flurry of attention from major labels, they have made this video a mere eight years after its initial release, . 

The concept is simple - a one day limousine adventure featuring two great pals, one of whom is lead vocalist Leo McGill Vondracek, the other a quirky bird-dog-owl hybrid mascot character. 

The nostalgic, dreamy vibes are exactly what captured the attention of Tik-Tok's audience, and they are on full display here.


DirectorCody Lee Brown
ProducerRachel Nyberg
Production CompanyPlural Films
Executive ProducerJennifer Helm
Director of PhotographyJosh Becker
Focus PullerKeith Moechnig
GafferAlan Taverna
EditorChadwick Nelson
ColouristMichael Sandness
Director's RepresentationPlural Films
LabelElektra Records

Rob Ulitski - 16th Dec 2021

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