Rob Ulitski - 8th Dec 2021

Peter Haueis celebrates the early days of rave culture in a way that resonates with current times in the nostalgic promo for DJ Durbin. 

We live in strange times, where clubbing has now been everything from a health risk to something completely criminal. DJ Durbin and director Peter Haueis considered the questions: How can a club track be situated in the midst of a pandemic?

Haueis found his answers in the atmosphere of the abandoned and rainy Port of Hamburg, which he aestheticizes with Nineties rave tristesse to convey the rollercoaster of emotions that has accompanied clubbers in recent months.

“I knew the video had to be raw and impulsive," Haueis noted. "I came across excerpts from Rainald Götz's book Rave from 1998. Some aspects reflected exactly the feelings that, for me, made up the track in the course of a club night. It's about losing oneself in a free world of the underground, deep in the bass. It's about that moment, when you think you can dissolve yourself into the pulses of the strobe.”

DJ Durbin agrees. “I wanted to raise a playful club bomb that constantly twists and turns and yet somehow holds together.” 

The resulting visual is soaked in a '90s VHS aesthetic, and has an anachronistic vibe which bridges the gap between the present day and the origins of rave culture. 


DirectorPeter Haueis
ProducerPeter Haueis
Director of PhotographyOliver Bassemir
Focus PullerZacharias Zitouni
2nd ACJulian Krätzig
EditorPeter Haueis
ColouristMaximilian Pauly, Monic Films
LabelRow Records
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Nadine Mayer

Rob Ulitski - 8th Dec 2021

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