Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2021

Yes, this really is a music video for rock legends Deep Purple. They're back with a just-released new album called Turning To Crime, and Dan Gibling's video for Oh Well pays homage to cinematic heist films of yesteryear, and a classic video to boot.

Interweaving a somewhat tongue-in-cheek narrative with playful performances and glossy cinematography, the concept is charming and a great visual accompaniment to the band's faithful cover version of the Fleetwood Mac blues classic.

The masked band cause mild mayhem as they bolt around in a vintage transit van, meeting some familiar faces along the way. This involves chasing down 60s-era Bob Dylan in a fashion inspired by Jonathan Glazer video for Radiohead's Karma Police.    

The swagger and groove of the tune is immense - it screamed cinematic narrative film ideas to me. 

And while members of the original line-up are revealed - lead by frontman Ian Gillan - the lo-fi visual effects on the mysterious 'Scribble Face' character heighten the mystery, adding another unexpected twist.

"For a band famous for 'not doing videos', it was a huge honour to have this legendary rock band agree to appear in our music film," says Dan Gibling. 

"The concept was all written around the theme of their new album Turning to Crime, and as with the album paying homage to all their influences, this narrative concept gave me the chance to pay homage to some of my favourite heist/outlaw/criminal gang films and favourite music videos.

"The film is littered with easter eggs for the beady eyed, but I hope also works as just a visual ride that compliments this amazing blues rock track. The swagger and groove of the tune is immense - it screamed cinematic narrative film ideas to me, and so this is what it became.

"With the help of DoP Sam Gott and his team and some beautiful anamorphic lenses - the whole film was shot on a 25mm - we have hopefully created a slice of musical cinema that is worthy of this level of rock royalty. Massive thanks to the label who trusted me and let me run loose with this story. It was simply a pleasure from start to finish."


DirectorDan Gibling
ProducerCarl Mason
Production CompanyChiba Film
Director of PhotographySam Gott
Focus PullerLewis Thompson
2nd ACCharlie Ray
Art DirectorSadie French
Art DirectorLuke Mcdonnell
WardrobeBettina John
Make-upIna Chochol
EditorDan Gibling
VFXLuke Mcdonnell
CastIan Gillan
CommissionerMax Vaccaro
Other creditsDE Production Assistant: Sophia Gilles UK Costume Assistant: Lily McDonnell UK Production Assistants: Corin Schenks & Lee Carter UK Camera Grip: Tom Platt Sound Designer: Carl Mason

Rob Ulitski - 29th Nov 2021

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