David Knight - 14th Oct 2021

Pierre Saba-Aris presents a revolution led by French indie outfit Feu! Chatterton to bring down the Great President in charge - played by the unmistakeable Denis Lavant.

Yes, that's Denis Lavant from Holy Motors, Beau Travail - and of course, UNKLE's Rabbit In Your Headlights. Twenty-three years on from Jonathan Glazer's masterpiece, the incorrigible Lavant returns to music videos and steals the show as the vainglorious leader who controls a docile and dumbed-down population. 

It's the 'special glasses' that citizens wear that causes them to accept their fate - but Feu! Chatterton and their fellow revolutionaries dispense with these metaphorical spectacles, and provoke the downfall of the terrible dictator.

It's stirring stuff, orchestrated with verve and vigour by Pierre Saba-Aris. But surely Lavant, the embodiment of the rebel and outsider, can't be all that bad...?


DirectorPierre Saba-Aris
ProducerLaure Massé
Production CompanyPelican Paris
Executive ProducerMaeva Jaouen
1st ADRaphael Reims
Director of PhotographyAndy Collet
Focus PullerLéo Essertel
EditorMark Maborough
ColouristGuillaume Chanaud
Grading companyLes Films Du Périscope
Lead actorDenis Lavant
LabelUniversal Music France

David Knight - 14th Oct 2021

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