Rob Ulitski - 7th Oct 2021

Ben Phillippo takes us on a road trip that isn't quite what it seems, in his hypnotic clip for Canyon City's Comets. 

Sometimes, no matter how far you drive, you always wind up in the same place. In this introspective promo, the main character - played by Brian J. McDonald - is seen driving around winding country roads, always ending up at the same derelict storefront. 

Around the midpoint, he finally escapes the Groundhog Day-style loop, but after finding a buried time capsule and finding his long-lost lover, he realises he is in another loop entirely. 

Beautifully structured, the emotional concept balances an unusual sense of dread with a heartwrenching love story, and perfectly embodies the affecting themes in the track. 


DirectorBen Phillippo
ProducerCara Campanelli
Production CompanyInbound
CastBrian J. Mcdonald
CommissionerInuka Bacote
LabelNettwerk Music Group

Rob Ulitski - 7th Oct 2021

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