Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2021

Timon Birkhofer directs a powerful, stirring film for Kim Planert's instrumental composition Dawn. 

The video features five different people in their elements, each performing different activities and hobbies: biking, modelling, climbing, playing drums and dancing. They all have one thing in common, which is not immediately apparent.

These are all individuals who have some kind of disability, but that is disregarded and rendered unimportant as they perform their activities to a high standard. And the film is both a promo for Planert's stirring music, and part of the launch of a new global campaign to address how disability is portrayed, called Ability in Progress.

"This is the most personal and meaningful film of my entire life and I couldn't be more grateful for the countless individuals, brands, and partners contributing their talents to make this a reality," says director Timon Birkhofer.

"With this film, we are launching Ability in Progress, a global campaign to change the portrayal of disabilities in global advertising."

Birkhofer's use of structure in the piece elevates the message of the video, and the celebratory overtones of the concept shine beautifully throughout. The cinematography is aspirational, yet authentic at the same time, perfectly encapsulating the real people in front of the camera. 


DirectorTimon Birkhofer
ProducerTimon Birkhofer
ProducerTaylor Lawrence
ProducerOssey James
Production CompanyFather & Sun Productions
Production CompanyThorny Devil Productions
Executive ProducerNic Novicki
Executive ProducerKim Planert
Executive ProducerJørg M. Kundinger
Director of PhotographyRyan Spacone
Focus PullerPhil F. Doherty
2nd ACBethany Caitlan Nicole
GafferMatthew Rivera
WardrobeSwinda Reichelt
Hair & Make-upKwame Head
EditorJon Berry
Editing companyTunnel Post
ColouristFrederik Bokkenheuser
Grading companyPicture Shop
VFXSven Dreesbach
VFXChristian Zeiler
Director's RepresentationAylene Gardiner Agency
Other creditsCast: Kurt Yaeger, Tamara Mena, Madisyn Taute, Christophe Zajac-denek, Natalie Trevonne

Rob Ulitski - 24th Aug 2021

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