Rob Ulitski - 30th July 2021

Gwil Doe directs a high-energy banger for Toddla T, Jeremiah Asiamah, Sweetie Irie, Steflon Don & S1mba. 

The ensemble of artists have created one of the summer's most exciting new tracks, and Doe's visual treatment perfectly encapsulates the celebratory vibes. 

Intercutting between low-key performance setups and a clever shot in a car - utilising a 360 degree rotating camera and green screen trickery to switch up the locations - the video is fresh, engaging and a whole lot of fun. 


Everyone really gelled on the vibe we were trying to create.

"Growing up in London Jamaican culture, brought over by immigrants after World War 2 to present day, was and remains a huge part of everyday life. The fashion, slang, riddims and Soundclash culture are a defining part of what it means to be a Londoner.

"This song is a welcome breath of fresh air at a time when we are redefining and debating what it means to be free. The summer banger brings together the best parts of UK and yard culture.

"We wanted to create the feeling of hot summer days, driving around with your homies and singing and dancing and generally vibing and being happy.

"Having so many amazing artists on one track could have been difficult in terms of agreeing of visual direction. However, everyone really gelled on the vibe we were trying to create and worked together to achieve it.

"Due to Covid we couldn’t travel to Jamaica so we used greenscreen and camera tricks to blend shots of Kingston with London and bring the world closer together through music."

PRO Credits


DirectorGwil Doe
ProducerPilar Muro
Production CompanyPapaya Films
Production ManagerJerome Danvers
1st ADSam Fullerton
Director of PhotographyMax Mckay
WardrobeFelicia Brown
WardrobeArifa Kabir
HairShemaliah Gouldbourne
EditorElsye Raphael
Editing companyTen Three
ColouristTim Smith
Grading companyCHEAT
Post production companyComppo
VFXJulian Lopez Coppola
VFXLuciano Taccone
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
CommissionerDom Mckiernan
LabelWarner Music
Other credits2nd AD:Niomi Collins Dancers Stylist: Caitlin Batchelor & Miriam Taiwo Sonekan MUA: Jasmine Hamilton MUA: Sunny Cradock BTS: Kojo Dwimoh DIT: Morgan Perry

Rob Ulitski - 30th July 2021

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