Rob Ulitski - 23rd July 2021

An unlikely protagonist gets the release we're all yearning for, in Thomas Davis' action-packed promo for NOISY's Young Dumb. 

Having established a relationship with the group on a number of previous videos, Davis takes a more narrative direction with this one, which follows an old man making the most of a post-lockdown world. 

From choreography in the street to smoking a joint and ending up at a packed club, the man - brilliantly played by Andrew Norman - embodies our collective fantasies of getting out and finally being able to live life to the full again, and Davis heightens this fantasy through a stylish and invigorated lens. 

Paying homage to iconic 90's videos whilst being simultaneously imbued with a contemporary aesthetic, it's a spectacular watch, and possibly Davis' best video yet for the NOISY boys. 


I wanted to make a video that was flamboyant and memorable.

“I’m always buzzing to be working with NOISY. We’ve developed a really close friendship over the past two years or so. I think YOUNG DUMB is the 5th or 6th Music Video I’ve made for these guys now. These boys always write absolute belters of tunes. This one especially, I felt like the video really needed to represent the current climate in the world, but in an outrageous way. Life is to short to give a fuck sometimes, so you’ve just gotta let go. Even if you are getting old.

"To be honest, I’m not sure how the idea for this video came around. It all sorta just clicked in place. I had recycled a few scenes from other videos that I had pitched in the past year, but they never got commissioned. Like the toilet scene with the water bottle, that was part of another pitch that wasn’t as successful. So I guess this video was full of ideas that I had in the tank, all combined together with new ideas making this a film that I am super proud of.

"I really just wanted to make a video that was flamboyant and memorable. I'm so into early 90’s videos, that don't really care too much. I think a lot of what we are seeing today is very oversaturated and not always true to life. It’s always about trying to make someone look cool, whereas in this video, for me it was about being taken on this journey with the old man, and living the day and night in the same moment as he does. Hopefully making you laugh a coupla’ times, or throughout.

"I always wanna big up Common People Films, who trust me with my silly ideas on tight deadlines and somewhat tight budgets. We always deliver, it’s how we roll! My producer and best mate Jake Parker, always puts the extra leg work in to help make these ideas come to life. Wouldn’t be possible to do the things that I do without the solid team that I have around me.”

Ramy Dance (EP):

“We immediately loved this treatment when Tommy wrote it. It had a slight nod towards Fatboy Slim's Weapons of Choice video which of course is a classic. We felt it also echoed what so many are feeling at the moment.

"As a society we just wanna release, get back to “normal” and party again (if you’re not too old :) Tommy and the crew really captured that youthful energy in this video. It was a long day and Andrew, our lead actor, was an absolute superstar. He was dancing and running about East London for 14 hours straight without a single complaint, HERO!

"As ever the NOISY boys, MGMT and Island were brilliant to work with and a massive thanks to the (tested) crowd who showed up and gave it everything in the club!”

PRO Credits


DirectorThomas Davis
ProducerJake River Parker
Production CompanyCommon People Films
Executive ProducerRamy Dance
1st ADH The Gee
Director of PhotographyToby Leary
Focus PullerKai Newton
2nd ACKieran Coyne
GafferJack Cullis
Art DirectorAnthony Hensman
Make-upEmma Gandolfo
EditorCharles Gamble
ColouristPeter Oppersdorff
Grading companyMpc Colour
CastAndrew Norman
Director's RepresentationCommon People
CommissionerSam Flynn
LabelIsland Records
Other creditsSteadicam Operator: Justin Theodore Sparks: Dan José & Brendan McBennett Art Assistant: Callum Pearson Sound Designer: Jack Gordon Production Assistants: Oliver Hill, Rory Davidson & Declan Gale Band MGMT: Dan Brown Thanks To Sabotage Studios, XOYO & All Of The Crowd X

Rob Ulitski - 23rd July 2021

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