David Knight - 15th July 2021

In a desolate unearthly landscape an androgynous figure is locked in an unknown existential battle.

The second video from Daughter's Alexis Marshall's solo debut album sees director John Bradburn explore the limits of performance in a stark liminal space somewhere between Tarkovsky, Bergman and The Lighthouse.

Marshall's dramatic and increasingly intense vocal on Open Mouth is interpreted through the powerful performance of Charlie Greenwood, whose expressive face is the riveting focus of the piece.

Greenwood mouths the words, but does not attempt to act as Marshall's avatar. She is sometimes as earnest and emotional as his vocal, other times more removed, even whimsically detached. That itself draws more attention to the harrowing roar of the singer's performance.     


DirectorJohn Bradburn
ProducerJohn Bradburn
Director of PhotographyTom Sykes
Lead actorCharlie Greenwood
LabelSargent House

David Knight - 15th July 2021

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