Promonews - 22nd June 2021

George Moir is the ice cream van man with his own weird, wonderful range of ice lollies, in George McCallum's video for Patio - arguably the staycation anthem of the summer.

The West Country-based singer-songwriter's sweet, catchy song will ring true with nearly everyone this year - it's all about not being able to go on a foreign holiday, and having to make the best of it at home. Instead, its about working (mostly), and saving up 'to go next summer'.

First-time director McCallum visualises this idea with inventiveness that owes something to his day job as an ad agency creative, and also to his 'side-hustle' - as a baker of cakes disguised as very unlikely things - like a cigarette-filled ashtray.

So Moir is not just a regular ice cream van guy, toiling through an English summer of variable weather - but also selling eccentric ices at odd prices, that are advertised on the side of the van, as you might expect, but which also come alive as animated characters throughout the video. And then, some are real - like a baked bean ice lolly, or one made out of loose change, or a diamond-studded ice cream.

George Moir himself has a background as an animator, and this is his first video he has not directed himself. But McCallum has impressively built upon those previous DIY efforts, and allowed the singer's unassuming character to shine. And the attention to detail with the product range - designed by McCallum, animated by Jack Bailey - are the sprinkles and chocolate sauce on the 99.  


I tried to create something that felt authentic to the Great British Summer.

"The song is super-timely so the brief was to make something that represented that. 

"I tried to create something that felt authentic to the Great British Summer. Something full of contradictions, a bit of wit, and a tinge of childhood nostalgia. Upbeat but a little rough around the edges. Positive, but not aspirational - rusting ice cream vans in car parks by beaches... definitely not postcard-pretty.

"It was fun taking George's humour and running with it to keep the viewer guessing what was coming next though micro reveals.

“I've been doing food stuff - like ashtray cakes and Butter knives - alongside my full-time job as a ACD in advertising for a few years, but making music videos has it has been something I've wanted to do since the days of watching Skuzz, MTV and Kerrang! at mates’ houses after school. Now that I've done it, I'm kinda hooked. I want to make more films with strong themes and unusual worlds."

PRO Credits


DirectorGeorge McCallum
ProducerSam Page-Jones
Production CompanyPatio Productions
Executive ProducerNatalie Steiner
1st ADFreddie Wright
Director of PhotographyJan Vrhovnik
Focus PullerDevan Clarke-Sheward
Camera TraineeDan Howe
Art DirectorIeva Petravičiūté
Hair & Make-upRocio Cuenca
Art Department AssistantAndrew McNeil
Art Department AssistantJorinta Zarembaite
RunnerSam Knight
RunnerOscar Stewart
AnimatorJack Bailey
EditorChris Wilson
Editing companyHomespun
ColouristAndi Chu
Grading companyBlack Kite Studios
CommissionerDavid Knight
Other creditsAdditional Animation: Luke Freeman

Promonews - 22nd June 2021

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