David Knight - 21st June 2021

A magic night out is captured in all its delirious, euphoric glory in Callum Lloyd-James's video for Spector's Catch You On The Way Back In.

In a dramatic change of style from the prolific director's recent work of the likes of Becky Hill and Vistas, Lloyd-James draws in the viewer with the hint of an emerging romance within a swirl of near-abstract images of the city. 

He has created the work by shooting his elusive romance on 16mm, and ambient effects using the single frame function on a Super 8mm camera, then brought them together with a furious edit that really does give the impression of a night where the camera has had at least one too many...


It's effectively just a series of photos smashed together from a rainy night in East London.

"The inspiration came from wanting to recreate memories from a drunk night out, trying to piece together what happened and only recalling the random flashes that your brain records when you’ve had far too many.

"The video was created by using the single frame function on a super 8 camera and is effectively just a series of photos smashed together from a rainy night in East London.

"Most videos are shot at around 24 frames per second, which is why you get that smooth motion. This is shot at around 1 or 2 frames per second, hence why the movement is so erratic and aimless.

"We combined this with 16mm footage of a couple to give us our fleeting memories that cut through the blur of the night, making something that feels random and chaotic yet relatable to any night dangerously mixing drinks."

PRO Credits


DirectorCallum Lloyd-James
ProducerAsh Teague
Production CompanyHead & Wrecker
Director of PhotographyClaire Pie
EditorCallum Lloyd-James
ColouristSebastian Ziabka
Lead actorLucia Saavedr
Lead actorDarrell Griggs

David Knight - 21st June 2021

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