Rob Ulitski - 25th May 2021

Django Django frontman Vincent Neff takes the lead role in Jack Barraclough's video for Kick The Devil Out - playing Satan as the annoying lodger in an ordinary British family.

In the same vein as low budget, oddball comedy films and old Beastie Boys videos, we find the red-hued Horned One welcomed into the bosom of the family by Mum - but eyed suspiciously by Dad, who's worst fears are confirmed by the guest's niggling bad habits: he misbehaves at the table, cuts his fingernails on the sofa, mixes his colours with whites in the wash... all clear signs that he has to go.

Mixing in lo-fi greenscreen dancing footage and a skaterboy mini-DV fantasy, the aesthetic is charmingly DIY, and leans into the absurd concept. Amongst all of this madness, the performances are grounded in reality, and act as a conduit for viewers to understand the frustration and pain of this unwanted house guest

Barraclough's energetic and fastmoving screwball comedy is a departure for the alt-rockers, who often embrace visual experimentation and whimsical humour in their videos, but it's a welcome one.


It was fun to take on the screwball comedy genre...

"As soon as I read the Django’s brief for this I was like, YES! Apart from having to get fifty-plus shots done in one day, this is the kind of thing I love directing and planning out.

"It was fun to take on the screwball comedy genre and cram lots of details into the video, so it rewards repeat viewings and you can enjoy spotting the continuity errors.

"Even though it’s a ‘silly’ concept, it is a hard thing to get right and make work. There’s a well-established visual language to the genre that we were drawing upon and everyone - the cast and all the crew - did an amazing job pulling this together."

PRO Credits


DirectorJack Barraclough
ProducerAmara Rossell
Production CompanyGreatcoat Films
Executive ProducerKareem Adeshina
1st ADPaolo De Battista
Director of PhotographyToby Leary
Focus PullerMarcus Albertsen
2nd ACCharlie Knight
GafferEliot Morris
Art DirectorLottie Toon
WardrobeRhona Ezuma
HairNatasha Lawes
Make-upNatasha Lawes
EditorJack Barraclough
ColouristCaroline Morin
Grading companyWash
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
LabelBecause Music
Other creditsArt Assistant: Tolu Revlon Wardrobe Assistant: Mao Miyakoshi Assistant Hair & Makeup: Jane Emily Arnold Camera Trainee: Kieran Conye Spark: Evance Breteuil Runner: Teoman Han Namli Runner: Samia Conteh

Rob Ulitski - 25th May 2021

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