Rob Ulitski - 19th May 2021

Mac Wetha gets dragged through the streets of suburbia, in this rehearsal calamity from The Reids.

Playing out as a surreal daydream, the concept sees the artist pitted against odd forces, in a video that starts as an homage to MTV and ends as a psychological thriller. 

Attempting to perform with his band, Wetha just can't catch a break, as he is quite literally pulled by his mic across a sleepy London, populated only by his laidback - and very much confused - band partners, and a mysterious someone whose intentions are unknown.


DirectorThe Reids
ProducerPoppy Ashton
Production CompanyTwofortyfour
Executive ProducerArchie Wheeler
1st ADYasmin Godo
Director of PhotographyJake Gabbay
Focus PullerJames Hills
2nd ACMax Gabbay
GafferKristof Szentgyorgyvary
Art DirectorElena Muntoni
CommissionerJon Moore
LabelDirty Hit

Rob Ulitski - 19th May 2021

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