Rob Ulitski - 11th May 2021

Jade O'Connor explores identity and empowerment in her directing debut for Eli's Lover. 

The video intercuts playful exteriors with contemporary art direction, creating a sharp and melancholic style which toes the line between reality and daydream. 

Slow zooms and low-angle camerawork draw the audience into Eli's world, eminating a visionary, alluring energy throughout.

The video was shot over two days, one interior and the other exterior, and O'Connor says that she loved working alongside the singer-songwriter to create the video for Lover.

"Throughout the shoot, we wanted to focus on an overall theme of resilience and female empowerment," she says. "I also wanted to play with depth and composition. We did this by framing Eli in the centre of the frame, utilising zooms and stylised camerawork which allowed us to focus on our themes.

"Our main hope for this video was to be fun and show off Eli's upbeat personality whilst drawing the audience into Eli’s world." 




DirectorJade O'connor
ProducerKevin Cheung
1st ADEden Tekle
Director of PhotographyJames Huthwaite
Focus PullerJoe Hearsey
GafferNela Resler
Art DirectorJimmy Van Twest 
Make-upViviane Melo
EditorSam Storey
Other creditsArt Assistant - Alice Kidd Photographer - Ethan Lodge Graphics - Lara Luk-Fenn Starring - Viviane Melo, Shola Dayo & Afusat Shore Written And Produced By ELI Co-produced & Mixed By SHOLA

Rob Ulitski - 11th May 2021

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