David Knight - 5th May 2021

Dan Thorburn's series of music videos for Sheffield singer-songwriter Ed Cosens are collected in this excellent short film, Fortunes Favour, where a couple played by dancers Dom Coffey and Emily Barber have markedly different takes on their failing relationship.

In If, the significant events of the life of their relationship are told from the male perspective. Then in The River, the same events are recounted again from the point of view of the girl. In part three for Madeleine, the turmoil at the heart of the relationship is experssed through the pair's combative dance.

Finally, for the title track Fortunes Favour, there's a surprising and uplifting turn of events - and a cameo appearance by Ed Cosens himself.

Filmed in Sheffield, and choreographed by Emmy Lahouel, this is a terrific example of a film with a storytelling structure that works over a series of songs. Coffey and Barber give strong performances which go well beyond the contemporary dance used to express their actions. And Thorburn treads the fine line between fantasy and gritty realism very successfully.   

The result is a very satisfying watch, and excellent vehicle for the musician who has co-written and performed live with Reverend & The Makers for years, and has now released his debut album - also called Fortunes Favour


DirectorDan Thorburn
ProducerSarah Palmer
Production CompanyFlat Cat Films
Director of PhotographyMax Graham
Focus PullerNeil Bradley
2nd ACMatt Towers
Art DirectorJennifer Muellenbach
EditorDom Old
ColouristDom Old
Lead actorDom Coffey
Lead actorEmily Barber

David Knight - 5th May 2021

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