David Knight - 19th Apr 2021

Joshua Stocker transforms a forest at night into a remarkable venue for a captivating dance performance, in his video for Olafur Arnalds' Zero.

Dancers Ali Goldsmith and Lucia Chocarro perform a thrilling work of contemporary dance, choreographed by Lauren Bridle, which is illuminated throughout by a drone light system that creates a wash of light among the trees, and lights up a pathway for the performers through the dark forest. 

It's an almost reverential combination of human expression with the natural world that makes this a wonderful achievement by Stocker and his team - including great work by Steadicam operator Tommy McMahon. A mesmerizing accompaniment to the Icelandic composer/producer's beautiful composition.   


There’s something truly magical when you're on set capturing moments like this.

"The first personal piece I’ve shot in many years, we filmed this during the November lockdown on a blistery cold winters night.

"The light flying over the forest canopy transformed the woodland into a theatrical stage creating an intertwined movement of light and shadow with the dancers below.

"It was a privilege to work Ólafur's music, an artist I've loved for many years, and to work with such a talented and devoted crew to make this happen.

"It was an imperfectly perfect experience, the making of which outweighs the final product for me personally, as there’s something truly magical when you're on set capturing moments like this."

PRO Credits


DirectorJoshua Stocker
ProducerJoshua Stocker
Production CompanyBurning Reel
1st ADJack Green
Director of PhotographyHamish Anderson
Focus PullerJakob Rogula
2nd ACMatthew Lewis
SteadicamTommy McMahon
GafferHarrison Newman
ChoreographerLauren Bridle
DancerAli Goldsmith
DancerLucia Chocarro
ColouristRichard Fearon
Other creditsDrone Pilot: Ben Platts Drone Tech: Mike Foyle Drone Coms: Katya Nelhams-Wright DIT: Lilly Palmer

David Knight - 19th Apr 2021

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