Rob Ulitski - 24th Mar 2021

Sel Maclean directs a haunting vision for Pit Pony's Hard Rainfall. 

The video explores themes of depression and the struggle of getting yourself back together, and visualises this through distorted cinematography and effects.

Focused on a brilliant performance by actor/ dancer Jonny Curry, the concept is unique and refreshing, and perfectly encapsulates the energy of the track.  


I really wanted to experiment with contemporary dance whilst keeping with the dark and heavy feel of the song.

"With now a year since lockdown, the feeling of isolation became a real theme in this video. Our character sinks deeper and deeper into his own negative thoughts, symbolized through the twisted and melancholy dance routine. The dancing becomes more intense as the character goes deeper, eventually crippling his ability to return to some semblance of normality.

"The combination of contemporary dance within rock genre is something we rarely see in music videos. This is something that I really wanted to experiment with whilst trying to keep with the dark and heavy feel of the song.

"We looked at Lynchian cinema for inspiration to blend these two styles. We filmed some scenes in reverse, where the actor walked and danced backwards. This was then reversed in post to give it an unsettling feel. We also shot majority of the video at 30fps and rendered it in 25fps, to compliment the Lynchian aesthetic of the video."

PRO Credits


DirectorSel MacLean
ProducerSel MacLean
Production CompanyYakamoz Film
1st ADJames A. Potts
Director of PhotographyAdam Opie
Focus PullerJack 0'leary
2nd ACMatt Nunn
GafferSaman Taheri
EditorSel MacLean
Lead actorJonny Curry
Other creditsCamera Trainee - Katie Jenkins Spark - Roberto Colapietro Runner - Tom Lawson Stills Photography - Jack Davidson Catering - Mean Bean Coffee Co.

Rob Ulitski - 24th Mar 2021

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