Rob Ulitski - 12th Feb 2021

slowthai and Skepta reinterpret some of the most iconic horror moments in cinema history, in The Rest's ominous promo for Cancelled. 

Opening with an homage to the early Noughties Budweiser commercial Whassup?  - itself a spoof of Scary Movie - the video soon descends into utter chaos, as the artists embody characters from American Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more. 

The tongue-in-cheek performances and slowthai's cheeky demeanour help take the edge off what could be quite a grisly concept, instead landing it squarely into parody territory. 

DoP Pieter Snyman cleverly intertwines elements of nostalgia and contemporary aesthetics to create a fresh style and look, which perfectly encapsulates the various narrative strands and iconography.

And as this the just Part One of two videos, no doubt there is much more knockabout fun and madness heading our way in the near future. We await with bated breath...

PRO Credits


DirectorThe Rest
ProducerAndy Picton
Production CompanyPulse Films
Executive ProducerRik Green
Director of PhotographyPieter Snyman 
Focus PullerKitt Sullivan
2nd ACChris Antoniou
GafferJames Duffy
Art DirectorAnalogue Space
Art DirectionHollie Peck
SFX Make-upKelly Ann White
Stylist (Artist)Daniel Pacitti
ColouristJonny Thorpe 
Post ProducerAthene Xenia Aristocleous
Other creditsArt Direction & Costuming: Hollie Peck  Sparks: Sam Crook, Mike Hogan Runner: Tom Neal

Rob Ulitski - 12th Feb 2021

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