Rob Ulitski - 11th Feb 2021

Nathanael Draper is pestered by a horse-masked joker as he tries to work, in the hilarious, self-directed promo for Fog And Smoke. 

Taking the format of several interlinked vignettes, we see Draper trying to work from home as an unnamed, horse-headed nuisance parties the night away... apart from it isn't night at all, it's the middle of the day, and his antics get increasingly wearing, driving the artist to breaking point. 

Unexpected, lo-fi and fun, Draper builds to a twist ending that adds a hilarious perspective to the concept. Taking on the role of DoP among his directing and performing roles, this is very much an auteur vision - working primarily as a filmmaker and photographer, this is a rare reversal to the usual norms of artists self-directing their own work, with the director creating their own music to put into visual form. 


DirectorNathanael Draper
ProducerNathanael Draper
Production CompanyFrame Wave Productions
Director of PhotographyNathanael Draper
EditorNathanael Draper
Lead actorCaleb Draper

Rob Ulitski - 11th Feb 2021

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