Rob Ulitski - 26th Jan 2021

A distressed woman leaves her old life behind in Matt Porter's optimistic promo for Ben Power And The Unknown. 

Shot on location in Torquay, Australia, the video opens with the woman - played by Miranda Skerman - burning a set of men's clothing, while artist Ben Power looks on - and fanning the flames. And he remains as her unseen guardian angel as she starts on her journey to find a new life.

Escaping from the city in her car - and then running out of fuel - our heroine discovers a new zest for life after happening upon a homemade go-kart. She starts to live out her fantasies about living in California, moving on from the memories dragging behind her.


DirectorMatt Porter
ProducerBen Power
Production CompanyGingerbread Creative
Director of PhotographyAlper Kasap
Lead actorMiranda Skerman
LabelRebel City

Rob Ulitski - 26th Jan 2021

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Rob Ulitski - 1 month ago

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