Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2020

Pip + Lib explore mental health and the stigma of speaking out, in their touching visual for HYYTS. 

In a nondescript pub, inhabited by a handful of regulars and an increasingly angsty bartender, karaoke night is in full swing. Adam from HYYTS is next up on-stage, singing along to barely readable lyrics on an old computer monitor. 

The poignant performance is in striking contrast to the emotionless audience, who represent a society that still very much believe in the idea of keeping a stiff upper lip and hiding any emotion. 

It's a beautifully minimalist piece, enhanced by the everyday, universal setting, and the Glaswegian pop duo's ability to visualise a whirlwind of emotion in a single glance or dance move. Emanating a sense of freedom and acceptance, the pair's interaction and support throughout the performance is refreshing and highly relevant, resulting in an unforgettably powerful concept. 

"We're really proud of the video we've made for SOS and even more proud to have debuted it on @brothersinarmsscotland," comment HYYTS. "We wrote SOS about mental health and specifically the stigma amongst men that comes attached to reaching out to other men for help so it's the perfect place to share the video for the first time." 

PRO Credits


DirectorPip + Lib
ProducerAndrew Rawson
Production CompanyBELIEVE MEDIA
Executive ProducerCAMP PRODUCTIONS
1st ADChris Malin
Director of PhotographyMurren Tullett
Focus PullerBarney Coates
2nd ACTom Forrister
GafferSam Alberg
Art DirectorJonquil Lawrence
Stylist (cast)Sara Mtimet
Hair & Make-upAlice Dodds
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
CommissionerDominic Mckiernan
LabelWarner Records
EditorRob McGuire
Other creditsMarketing Manager: George Simpson A&R: Holly Manners Runner: Zoe Gunn Spark: Jamie Hitchens Trainee: Marina Lewin-Richter Sound: Matt Greig H&M Assist: Shani Mushington

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2020

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