Rob Ulitski - 26th Nov 2020

Pip + Lib explore the monotony of life in their impressive visual for singer-songwriter Karl Benjamin.

The directing duo's video captures Benjamin at home, stuck in a type of stasis - sitting, staring, occasionally dancing in a room, and thinking... Inside this (metaphorical) prison with regard to his surroundings, the artist stares back at his doppelganger inside the TV, creating an endless loop of consuming and watching, but taking no action to get out of his situation.

You need not have spent months in lockdown to find this situation relatable, but it probably helps. Although in fact, Karl Benjamin has commented that the song is all about breaking out of a rut. “To me, Apricot Sky is the realisation that someone, or even something, around you can change your life almost completely."

DoP Murren Tullett contrasts subtle camera movement with static, fly-on-the-wall shots, creating an almost serene aesthetic which is endlessly comforting, but full of haunting undertones.


It could easily be a trippy concept, but we wanted to create a film grounded in reality.

"When we heard the track we were like, f**king yes mate. Karl is sick. the track is sick. For us Apricot Sky conjured up this feeling of sweaty lips and stale cigarettes. A space where you think about your dreams, but never leave the sofa to go and get them.

"We wanted to create something that could easily be a trippy concept, but instead create a film grounded in reality. It was important to us that the film was full of Karl things, so we worked with Karl to fill the space with his stuff - big up the money tree!

"We also placed a soft light beam to represent the idea of dreams that exist beyond these four walls. THEN, finally we chucked some vases at his head in slow motion, lol!'"

PRO Credits


DirectorPip + Lib
ProducerAndrew Rawson
Production CompanyBELIEVE MEDIA
Executive ProducerCAMP PRODUCTIONS
1st ADChris Malin
Director of PhotographyMurren Tullett
Focus PullerAlex Taylor
2nd ACTom Forrister
GafferJamie Hitchens
Art DirectorJonquil Lawrence
StylistAde Udoma
Hair & Make-upBillie Mckenzie
CommissionerKim Jarrett
CommissionerDan Curwin
LabelAtlantic Records
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK
Other creditsStills & BTS: Dumi Siwo BTS Videographer: Ed Spencer Runner: Zoe Gunn

Rob Ulitski - 26th Nov 2020

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