Promonews - 18th Nov 2020

Hoops (aka Liam Hoops) captures the slow and sensual groove of Minus Gravity's Your Friends in four scenes, captured in one continuous take.

Shot in Hope Lofts, Los Angeles on 16mm - with a limited amount of stock - Hoops uses the lighting and the quality of the film to frame the band's performance, individually and collectively, into one cohesive whole.   

"The track tells the story of your partner's friends getting involved in your business so my I translated the isolation of that into a visual format; the three band members each with their own distinct colour and setup," says Hoops. 

"The visual was also heavily inspired by the track, when I first heard the beats I knew I wanted something futuristic but with a raw, gritty texture to it, hence the choice to shoot on film. To keep it within budget, we only had 22 minutes worth of film to shoot on which gave us pretty much complete runthroughs of the song."


ProducerLiam Hoops
Director of PhotographyGary Long
Focus PullerRob Webster
Art DirectorCharlotte Woolstonecroft
EditorLiam Hoops
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Bailey Pilbeam And Siena Bjorn

Promonews - 18th Nov 2020

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