Rob Ulitski - 17th Nov 2020

In the latest of his self-directed, offbeat promos, Luke Jenison teaches us that confidence is king. Even when you look ridiculous. 

"Call me Joe Exotic how I’m hanging with these Tiger Moms!”

Through a myriad of ridiculous references, bouncy flows, and a beat that’ll make your want to get your groove on, Luke shows us that not every rapper is meant to have the same level of swagger. And even if his is near zero, he sure wears it well.

Jenison brings another great performance to the table, and some lo-fi cloning brings another dimension of madness to the concept. If his output in recent months is anything to go by, Jenison's videos will be a monthly affair, and a breath of fresh air to combat a very tumultuous 2020. 


DirectorLuke Jenison
ProducerLuke Jenison
Director of PhotographyKenji Chong
Focus PullerTrevor Nitschke
GafferMichah Harisson

Rob Ulitski - 17th Nov 2020

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