Promonews - 16th Nov 2020

Daniel Carberry and Carly Cusson collaborate to create an atmospheric and at times claustrophobic showcase for Australian singer-songwriter CLOVES. 

It's all largely achieved due an excellent appreciation of the interplay between shadow and light, as CLOVES finds herself in stark yet effectively-mounted scenes - representing different levels of a videogame - that visualise frustration, and the sense of being boxed-in.

"The inspiration for this video was the isolation, exhaustion and repetition that anxiety creates," says CLOVES. "It can feel like an over-functioning game in your mind. So I wanted to travel through my worlds game, each 'level' with a visual cue of what those barriers in your mind feel like - only to end up right back where you started, [in] what feels like an impossible cycle to break."

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Carberry
DirectorCarly Cussen
ProducerAndrew Rawson
ProducerAlexa Haywood
ProducerLanette Phillips
Production CompanyA Just Fred Production
Director of PhotographyAlexandre Jamin
Set designFurmann Ahmed
EditorJohn Holloway
Director's Rep (US)Tommy Labuda
Director's Rep (UK)Alexa Haywood at Free Agent UK

Promonews - 16th Nov 2020

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