Promonews - 15th Oct 2020

Louis Browne and Sam Leviton channel the 'Russian dancing kid' viral video in their promo for Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike's cover of Destiny Child's Say My Name - featuring talented young dancer Tavian Wong.


We hid Easter eggs throughout to nod at this character and also Destiny's Child.

"An image of an iconic viral video sprung to our co-director Sam Leviton's mind as he listened to the track for the first time - and suddenly the video became an exploration into whatever happened to the 'Russian dancing kid'.

"Due to the current restrictions, we wanted to pitch an idea that was both safe, worked with minimal cast but also had a fun and energetic edge to it, and this seemed like something that would work and could still look cool.

"We hid Easter eggs throughout to nod at this character and also Destiny's Child who of course wrote the original sample. Our aim was for the video to feel deeply set and authentic to the 90s, while also sharing today's sentiment of loneliness and missing nightlife around the world. Let's hope it comes back soon."

PRO Credits


DirectorLouis Browne
DirectorSam Leviton
ProducerMeghan Doherty
Production CompanyWMA
Executive ProducerTara Bartlett
1st ADNaim Naif
Director of PhotographyGaul Porat
Focus PullerJasmine Chang
2nd ACSunnie Kim
GafferElliott Travis
Art DirectorPili Weeber
WardrobeSavannah White
EditorLouis Browne
ColouristCarlos Flores
Grading companyForager
Lead actorTavian Wong
Director's RepresentationWMA
LabelSony International

Promonews - 15th Oct 2020

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