Rob Ulitski - 12th Oct 2020

Jon E Price directs an expansive, ever-evolving vision for Joe Hertz's debut album Current Blues

Transcending traditional setups and techniques, the experimental video depicts a flurry of avant-garde creativity to showcase tracks from the album, resulting in a unique and contemporary piece of work. 


Sometimes it’s better to leave the viewer with questions rather than fully formed answers.

"The premise of Current Blues is simple; Joe and his vocalists go on a lucid music trip of journey, process and collaboration in a unique removed location.

"Making films in this space where performance, narrative and documentary meet is really exciting for me, something I’d love to do more of. It allows you to be playful with the format and to push an experimental visual language. Sometimes it’s better to leave the viewer with questions rather than fully formed answers and I like that about it.

"With Current Blues, I wanted to visualise two sides of the same coin when reflecting Joe’s personal take on the record. The Chaotic side, Joe battling internal-discourse and trusting in oneself but also the flip side to that, the calming side. This was done by balancing personal frantic imagery using in-camera film techniques against more cinematic elegant moments in expansive settings. I think the results create an interesting musical milieu.

"It’s a unique film thanks to a killer production team and HOD’s. Hopefully it makes you want to dig out Joe’s music."

PRO Credits


DirectorJon E Price
ProducerSuzan Mustafa
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerTom Berendson
1st ADGabriel O’donohoe
Director of PhotographyHunter Daly
Focus PullerJosefine Thieme
2nd ACDanny Williams
GafferEliot Beach
Art DirectorJenny Gardiner
EditorDylan Edwards
ColouristJason Wallis
Post ProducerOscar Wendt
Lead actorFeaturing Josh Collard
Lead actorMelody Tamiz
Grading companyElectric Theatre Collective
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Melissa Roberts Styling: Nat Tong Spark: Hudson Daly Steady: Jake Whitehouse Runner: Kris Vegelevicius BTS: Andy King Sound Mix: Raphaël Ajuelos Title Design: Whitney Conti

Rob Ulitski - 12th Oct 2020

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