David Knight - 12th Oct 2020

A new song from Fleet Foxes has given Sean Peckold and his partner Adi Goodrich the opportunity to complete a dance trilogy, and reflect upon the emotional impact of the pandemic through choreography. 

Featuring Jade-Lorna Sullivan (who also featured in the video for Fool's Errand) and Jean Charles (the lead in the video for song suite I Am All That I Need/Arroyo Seco/Thumbprint Scar), with choreography by Steven Reker, this is a dance piece for Can I Believe In You, that takes place in a studio environment of near-abstract theatrical set-ups, designed by Goodrich, that encapsulate the spirit of Fleet Foxes. 

This is the tenth video directed by Sean Pecknold for his brother Robin's band - a marvellous addition to a collaboration that began with the videos for the first Fleet Foxes album in 2008, including White Winter Hymnal, and has become a major body of work.


The film reflects the frustration and lack of human connection during the pandemic.

"With this film, I created an interpretation of what trust (or the uncertainty of it) feels like as two characters journey towards one another through a pulsating world.

"This film also reflects the frustration and lack of human connection brought to all of us during the pandemic of 2020. Our dedicated film crew worked hard to bring this to life and we hope you find metaphors in it you can relate to as you listen to the music and watch the film.

"As always, Adi Goodrich and I loved bringing Robin's songs to life with mesmerising visuals. This is the third part of a three-video FF trilogy starring Jade-Lorna Sullivan and Jean Charles."

PRO Credits


DirectorSean Pecknold
ProducerSarah Haber
Production CompanySing Sing
Director of PhotographyKeon Javanshir
1st ACBradley Wilder
2nd ACMatthew Borek
GafferAdam Goral
Key GripRyan Hueter
Lighting Board OperatorZane Blanchard
Production designerAdi Goodrich
Art DirectorAaron Wiley
Set BuilderDustin Ruegger
ChoreographerSteven Reker
DancerJade-Lorna Sullivan
DancerJean Charles
Film LaboratoryPro8
ColouristKaitlyn Battistelli
Grade ProducerBrittany Carson
Grading companyEthos Studio
Other creditsArt Assistant: Patrick Blanchard Production Assistants: Stephen Gunter, Keaton Lindahl

David Knight - 12th Oct 2020

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