Rob Ulitski - 28th Sept 2020

April meanders through the haze of a fluorescent party into the surrounding dark streets in Callum Lloyd-James' video for Watching You Disappear. 

As the night gradually descends into a lucid mess, we follow the artist as she disconnects from reality into a wild blur of time and space, beautifully visualised through experimental frame rates and vibrant, off-kilter vignettes. 


April was really keen to create a really trippy and liquid aesthetic to the video.

"Watching You Disappear represents the disconnect between you and the life you lead. Sometimes we find ourselves going with the flow and ending up in situations we have not interest in, just to preoccupy our minds from our own reality. The video is a visual representation of this, with shots of April appearing sharp, while her environment is wistful and blurry, only capturing brief fleeting moments before they are gone in a flash.

"April and I spoke about how to visualise the track, she was really keen to create a really trippy and liquid aesthetic to the video. We achieved this through mixing frame rates and shutter angles to make a video that felt smooth yet chaotic, with a clear progression throughout. You end up with a final product that makes no logical sense but is somehow completely relatable and that's what I love about it."

PRO Credits


DirectorCallum Lloyd-James
ProducerAsh Teague
Production CompanyHead & Wrecker
Executive ProducerJulien Cornwall
1st ADTatjana Honegger
Director of PhotographyBrendan Harvey
Focus PullerRob Hawkins
2nd ACBulman Arshehit
GafferJake Buckley
Art DirectorGiulia Mazzocchi
Art DirectorHannah Richards
Make-upAmy Whyard
EditorCallum Lloyd James
ColouristSebastian Ziabka

Rob Ulitski - 28th Sept 2020

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