Promonews - 9th Sept 2020

After the animated video for Nightrider, Jack Brown has now created a real beauty for another song from the collaboration between Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes.

In Brown's stylish 2D version of a Hawaiian-like Paradise for Tidal Wave, a girl surfer takes to the Big Kahuna, watched from the shore by a beachcombing boy. All is calm and peaceful - until a moment of drama brings them together.     


DirectorJack Brown
DesignerJeff Östberg
Lead AnimatorJack Brown
Other creditsAnimators: Ala Nunu Leszynska, Nanda Ormond, Guarav Wakankar, Chloé Mainge, Freddie Griffiths, Martin Robic, Caitlin Young

Promonews - 9th Sept 2020

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