David Knight - 3rd Sept 2020

Animator Ewen Farr has created a suitably sketchy, increasingly deconstructed vision of England in his mesmerising video for post punk band TV Priest.

This Island - the first single from the London band's forthcoming debut album Uppers - skewers the tawdry values of Brexit Britain, against a full-pelt assault of guitar and drums. Farr creates a vision of that Britain in pencil-drawn images, scenes in a seaside or port town, where the elements of sea, ferry, flag, birds and town, increasingly collapse upon themselves.

A brilliant visualisation of the controlled chaos of TV Priest's riveting punk-rock.


DirectorEwen Farr
AnimatorEwen Farr
CommissionerCharlie Drinkwater
LabelHand In Hive

David Knight - 3rd Sept 2020

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