Promonews - 12th Aug 2020

Dua Lipa transforms triumphantly into a cartoon heroine in Lisha Tan's animated video for Hallucinate, from her second studio album Future Nostalgia.

Inspired both by the disco aesthetic of Studio 54 in the ‘70s, and cartoon styles of various eras - particularly the Betty Boop-starring Fleischer cartoons of the 1930s and '40s - Dua Lipa plays the feisty showgirl who spreads positive vibes through a series of increasingly psychedelic scenarios.

From a Vegas-style performance with her groovy star-headed dancers Dua speeds through different spaces with a growing band of sweet little friends, each one more dizzylingly wacky than the last. But when she lands in a field of daisies, it becomes a bad trip into the netherworld of the evil clown - before an explosive escape into disco heaven.

Experienced in both illustration and animation, Lisha Tan evolved some classic cartoon styles to bring them up to date, using hand-drawn animation techniques. With additional animation by Titmouse, the video that was created at the height of the global lockdown and completed during isolation.

“Dua Lipa approached us with the concept of creating a 2D animated world inspired by the ‘70s disco heyday with the wacky characters, different rooms, diverse color palettes and a sense of never knowing which direction the psychedelic journey will take you on," says Tan. 

"We incorporated true-to-life details such as her dream scenario of hanging out in a flower field and dancing with her pet pygmy goats, through to falling into her genuine nightmare... clowns. The attention to detail was crucial.

“Given so many summer music shows are cancelled this year, we all wanted to create something super fun, escapist and that has a colourful festival vibe.”

PRO Credits


DirectorLisha Tan
ProducerHillary Thomas
Production CompanyThe Mill
Executive ProducerElizabeth Newman
CommissionerCaroline Clayton

Promonews - 12th Aug 2020

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