Rob Ulitski - 29th May 2020

Rosalía and Travis Scott join forces in Nicolás Méndez of CANADA's video for TKN. 

Sung in Spanish and rapped in English, the track's hook references the Sicilian law of silence: "No new friends or new wounds". 

Surrounded by gaggle of children - sometimes anarchic, sometimes dancing, sometimes snoozing - Rosalía is very much the boss matriarch of the concept, protecting the kids as they stick close and hang on her every word. Scott can only watch on as the group tear across Los Angeles... before they get sleepy. 

It's a simple concept but as ever Méndez makes it special with the meticulous composition of each one of a rapidfire sequence of shots. DoP Stuart Winecoff utilises lots of daylight and practical lights, keeping things authentic and real-world. The performances are top-notch, and the cast of kids thrive in the no-holds-barred, dance-filled concept.

PRO Credits


DirectorNicolás Méndez
Production CompanyCANADA
Co-ProducerThe Director's Bureau
Executive ProducerOscar Romagosa
Executive ProducerLisa Margulis
ProducerLaura Serra Estorch
Line ProducerCristina Trenas
Head Of ProductionAlba Barneda
Head Of ProductionElizabeth Minzes
Director of PhotographyStuart Winecoff
Production designerBrielle Hubert
Production SupervisorStephen Predisik
1st ADFerran Rial
Stylist (Artist)Samantha Burkhart
StylistChenelle Delgadillo
StylistChloe Delgadillo
ChoreographerCharm La'Donna
HairJesus Guerrero
Make-up (Artist)Rasheeda Raines
CastingSarah-May Levy
EditorNicolás Méndez
EditorCarlos Font Clos
Other creditsPost Production: Álvaro Posadas / EIGHTY4 Color Grading: Michael Rossiter @ The Mill Post Production Producer: Marina Martínez Campomanes

Rob Ulitski - 29th May 2020

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