Rob Ulitski - 1st May 2020

HYYTS have unusual emotional reactions in Ainsley Bowman's video for The Low Sound. 

Most of us wouldn't take pleasure in being drowned, kicked in the face or set on fire. This isn't the case on this occasion, where the Glaswegian duo totally subvert expectations, enjoying the painful side of life, whilst finding happiness a total drag. 

Bowman and DoP Steve Cardno creates an authentic world through docu-style cinematography, anchoring the concept in reality so as to not make it seem farfetched in any way. The pair's performance is also top-notch, and you have to applaud them for getting through it with a smile on their faces... or perhaps they are just too used to smiling in painful situations. 


It's great working with an artist that isn’t afraid of really pushing things to extremes. 

"With this video I wanted to create a visual that reflected the hectic euphoria and energy of the track. Basing the promo around the idea of finding enjoyment where you shouldn’t and unhappiness where you typically would, we brought together five distinct scenes.

"Throwing pretty much everything apart from the kitchen sink at this promo and the band (literally), I put the guys through quite a lot from dragging them by their ankles through a gravelly derelict graving dock to asking them to throw litres of freezing cold water over themselves in the pouring rain in a boggy Scottish field. All of which Adam and Sam enthusiastically threw themselves into.

"It's always great working with an artist that isn’t afraid of really pushing things to an extreme. This allowed us the scope to be totally over the top and unapologetically exaggerated in our approach on this project. We were lucky to get this shot just before lockdown, massive thank you to my team and everyone involved in helping to bring this promo to life."

PRO Credits


DirectorAinsley Bowman
ProducerBeth Allan
Production CompanyForest Of Black
Production CoordinatorHannah Currie
Director of PhotographySteve Cardno
Focus PullerNico Biarese
2nd ACBartek Kloc
SteadicamSean Corbett
GafferStuart Anderson
Art DirectorMarie Lidén
Make-upKat Morgan
Director's RepresentationForest Of Black
CommissionerDom Mckiernan
LabelWarner Music UK
Other creditsArt Dep Assistant: Oscar McIntosh Runner/Driver/Art Department Assistant: Harry Bird Cast: Paul Donnelly (Heavy 1), Michael O'Connor (Heavy 2), Fraser Saunders (Drowner), Ellis Beaton (Lover 1), Keiss Marshall (Lover 2)

Rob Ulitski - 1st May 2020

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