Rob Ulitski - 16th Apr 2020

Gwil Doe shines a spotlight on a Brazilian favela in this upbeat video for Covil Do Flow. 

Packed full of colour, high-energy choreography and authentic performances, Doe paints the favela in a light rarely seen in mainstream media. Underneath the news stories and fearmongering, the visual is a reminder that there is a diverse population living here, with lives as complex and vibrant as our own. 

Frenetic camera movement, and intimate, close-quarters composition add an energetic flair to the visual, rounded off by top-notch performances from all involved. 


We didn't want to just use the place as a set and hire extras. This is real life.

"I have been working on a documentary in a Brazilian favela outside of Rio de Janeiro. Staying there has been an eye-opening experience and I've learned a lot from the people I've met. Between getting shot at and near arrests it has certainly been eventful.

"The group I'm working with, Covil Do Flow, asked me to make their music video, so this is what we came up with. They wanted to show the favela in a light the media rarely allows us to see. People in the favela are marked as criminals regardless of what they do, the President of Brazil refers to them as cockroaches, and has given the police licence to kill anyone that lives there.

"But really it's a wonderful place full of friends and family and fun. BBQs on rooftops and dancing all day and all night. The pain is real for people living there so they value what is important and take time to enjoy life as much as they can.

"Everyone in the video lives in the favela and all the guys and girls are close friends. We didn't want to just use the place as a set and hire extras. This is real life."


DirectorGwil Doe
ProducerGwil Doe
Executive ProducerSean Nammock
1st ADBruna Amaro
Director of PhotographyJose Eduardo Limongi
Focus PullerDouglas Lacerda
2nd ACMauricio Guedes
Make-upJoyce Kaylane
EditorGwil Doe
ColouristMegan Lee
Colour grade companyThe Mill
Post ProducerCharlie Morris
Lead actorCarol Sampaioos, Patty Silva, Milla Marilac,giulia Avalle, Vitoriaa.
LabelTrojan Jamaica/ Trojan Brazil (bmg)

Rob Ulitski - 16th Apr 2020

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